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The beauty of truth begins at 1942

History•In 1942, JP Yongfang founder Yao Yongfang was founded in Malaysia“The source of the South 'Department Store Company Limited”,It has been expanding to department stores, textiles, printing, hotels, daily chemicals, skin care products and other fields. Which originated from Malaysia Royal Queen Pearl nourishing formula, is to allow more advanced skin care products in Southeast Asia laid Yongfang position in 60-70's.. In 1983, China from Nanyang Yongfang into. Thus, open the legendary Yongfang pearl skin care for more than 30 years in China.

Color•You want to create Yongfang not only the surface skin charm, we adhere to the healthy muscle bottom to allow you to stay young, beautiful and confident, glow from inside out. From skin care to skin care, let the United States be your “ ecru ”! Based on the ideas and vision, Yongfang continue to insist that the &ldquo in 1995; the Fourth United Nations Conference on women &rdquo become the only designated special activities. Yongfang“True beauty”Brought to the world, but also to bring you the beauty of the world.

Originality•More than 30 years, philosophy and vision Yongfang remains unchanged. Each kind of raw material has been tested repeatedly to make sure it is gentle and tender. Every drop of essence is refined and extracted. Each skin care formula has been studied thousands of times in order to maximize the skin care energy. Skin care philosophy is Yongfang for decades as one day insist, with cutting-edge technology to inspire the maximum skin energy.


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