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  • F Pearl Cream

    F Pearl Cream


    Nutrition of the whole muscle, make the skin soft, smooth and elastic; make the skin bright and smooth, pink net through the bloom of youth,

  • Premium Tone-up Day/night Cream

    Premium Tone-up Day/night Cream


    To cultivate based, so that the same beauty Yan su. Delicate skin powder, unique dual pump head design, day cream and night cream into one.

  • Hydro-energizing Sleeping Masque

    Hydro-energizing Sleeping Masque


    2 in 1 moisturizer + masque, 24 hours intensive hydration

  • Ultimate Revitalizing Cream Enriched

    Ultimate Revitalizing Cream Enriched


    Daytime skin concealer, skin nourishing anti-aging night. A bottle of essence, bid farewell to spots, yellow, pox, wrinkles, rough, like the magic wand of nature, to infuse the skin into a compact and moist magic.

  • Ultimate Retightening Serum

    Ultimate Retightening Serum


    Frontier technology of copper peptide GHK-Cu enables this luxurious serum to deliver ultimate age-defying power, resulting in more elastic and moisturised skin.

  • Anti-Speckle Whitening Cream

    Anti-Speckle Whitening Cream


    Anti-Speckle,Flawless White

  • Hydro-brightening Refiner

    Hydro-brightening Refiner


    Refining and radiating.

  • Enriched Pearl Cream

    Enriched Pearl Cream


    Adopts superfine powder technology to achieve pearl powder more fine and smooth,which enables active fators to infiltrate into skin and be absorbed effectively,helps improve skin conditions,leaving skin naturally white.Meanwhile preventing and oxidizing reactions resulted from age and environment pollutions,relieving wrinkles,enhancing skin's toughness and elasticity.It leaves skin white and exquisite with youthful luster after continued use.

  • Pearl Beauty Cream

    Pearl Beauty Cream


    It is made via advanced fine powder processing technology, and can close open pores and restore smoothness to display a healthy and silky complexion.

  • Intense Moisture Hydra Cream

    Intense Moisture Hydra Cream


    It will respect a protective layer on your skin surface on a slight application; fresh and comfortable texture brings you, disregard of oily skin and dry skin, a unique and relaxed moisturizing experience.

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