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The effects of time, youth is priceless treasure,
But often have Yongfang F Pearl cream.
Do you remember the Yongfang advertisements?


In 1942, Fang founder Yao Yongfang (JP JP) founded "Nanyuan 'in Malaysia (private) Limited", continue to grow and develop to department stores, hotels, textile, printing, daily chemical industry, tourism and other industries, including "Yongfang" advanced skin care products is the first by a Chinese creation and to the Chinese named skin goods.


In 1983, the son of Yao Yongfang, the second generation of entrepreneurial career Yongfang -- Yao Meiliang (member of the CPPCC National Committee, JP JP). He brought the family popular in Malaysia skin care products, the establishment of Nanyuan Yongfang group in Hongkong, with full confidence to Chinese to create a career. The industry believes that the introduction of the domestic implementation of Yongfang skincare products "zero" breakthrough, well-informed women queuing popular in panic buying. Since then, "Yongfang Sambo": senior beauty cream, skin lotion, senior F pearl cream become a classic, award-winning.


Yao Meiliang regards product quality as life, adhere to the best quality raw materials, focusing on women's skin care, in 80s have begun to use popular hyaluronic acid as raw material; the first is China Yongfang pearl nourishing skin care brand. 1995 Yongfang won the fourth World Conference on women "only designated special products, beauty Yongfang was brought to the world.


The Yongfang continues on its Yao Meiliang's direction, to keep pace with the times, to explore the cause: always adhere to the "quality first" principle, the construction of a new modernized production base, and officially put into operation in 2003; the implementation of multi brand strategy, launched in 2004 natural infant care series "Rosebell sweet" brand, advocate the concept of environmental protection, maternal and child health care; to further enhance the brand image, in 2006 launched a new Diamond Rose "Yongfang EVERFLORE" brand, with a new attitude Yongfang, complete metamorphosis beautiful.In 2008, the brand was certified by the Guideline for Good Manufacture Practice (GMPC) of Cosmetic Products (GMPC) of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


In 2016, EVERFLORE devoted its years of R&D experience to three imperial series: Gold Sublime, Pearl Flora, and Aqua Miracle.

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