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Public Relations

Deep Yongfang brand culture connotation

Throughout the world, brands have a profound cultural background and are deeply rooted in society, and they are rooted in people's minds. Yongfang brand is in its own unique cultural advantage based on Chinese. Mr. Yao Meiliang had twenty years of social and cultural undertakings, especially in the last ten years, with its sincere patriotism, strong economic strength and social activist resourceful, with amazing perseverance, to promote Chinese culture and inspire national spirit "for the purpose of the ten major cultural projects, caused a strong and far-reaching repercussions in the sea inside and outside the long calendar of new.

In view of his unique and outstanding contributions to the society, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Li Lanqing and other party and state leaders, and Ye Xuanping, Li Changchun, Wang Zhaoguo, Liao Hui and other state ministries, provincial and municipal leaders repeatedly met with, to commend.

Yao Meiliang was elected the eight member of the nine CPPCC National Committee, the member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the first generation of honorary citizens of several cities such as Guangzhou, Shenyang and so on.

In view of his commitment to the cultural exchanges between China and the west, the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia have made fruitful contributions. He was listed in the United States and Britain as an international celebrity, and was conferred the honour of the JP in Malaysia.

Contributions of EVERFLORE Art Foundation

EVERFLORE Art Foundation was founded by YEW Mui-Leong, JP in 1990. The purpose of the foundation is to reward and nurture talented young artists, hold large-scale art exhibitions, and support public service cultural activities.

Since its establishment, dozens of artists have obtained the reward funding to develop their career paths. Some of them have become leaders of art colleges, and some have turned into artists or educators of fine arts after overseas studies.  

EVERFLORE Art Foundation has organized various public service activities and art exhibitions. The most influential one is the "International Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Sun Yat-Sen and Overseas Chinese", which lasted for 4 years and covered 34 cities at home and abroad. Dozens of domestic and foreign media have reported for more than 300 times, arousing far-reaching reverberations in the society. The exhibition was called as "a profound patriotic historical education" that had played an important role in the cross-strait relations and the great cause of national reunification.

In 2005, under the initiation and organization of EVERFLORE Art Foundation, the "EVERFLORE – ROSEBELL Sweet Cup Green Children's Painting Competition" was held in Guangzhou, attracting more than 200 babies and 4,000 families to participate in. There was an unparalleled spectacular event at the time, which had given a vivid example of environmental protection for the children.

EVERFLORE’s Patriotic Spirit and Deeds

Nurtured by a spirit of patriotic enthusiasm, Mr. YEW Mui-Leong, JP has made great contributions to his country and hometown, with over 120 million yuan of cumulative donations.  

I. Enthusiastically supported schools in poverty-stricken areas and established various education foundations, benefiting more than 200 primary and middle schools.

II. Took the lead in building roads, bridges, primary and middle schools, and factories in the hometown, benefiting thousands of families.

III. Responded to all disasters, he took the initiative to donate funds and also organized overseas Chinese donations for disaster relief.

IV. Took the initiative to invest and build factories in impoverished areas, and also organized overseas Chinese to invest in China.

V. Set an example of donating for the disabled to establish the China Disabled Foundation.

VI. Supported domestic sports undertakings and made generous donation to establish sports venues.

VII. Helped with the spread of Chinese culture and funded the visits and communications of cultural organizations.

VIII. Financially supported the intellectuals in the publication of their monographs.

EVERFLORE’s Magnificent Feat of Patriotism

"International Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Sun Yat-Sen and Overseas Chinese" is a large scale exhibition organized by YEW Mui-Leong, JP in the name of EVERFLORE Art Foundation, presenting the epic Revolution of 1911 with works from more than 100 famous painters at home and aboard. Before heading to Taipei for the exhibition in 1996, YEW Mui-Leong, JP met the chairman of the important Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS), and was told that: "The Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Sun Yat-Sen is a magnificent feat of patriotism".

The "International Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Sun Yat-Sen and Overseas Chinese" is a truly magnificent feat of patriotism, touring 34 major cities at home and abroad in 4 years, with 30,000 miles covered and 1 million visitors attracted. The exhibition has never been surpassed in terms of scale or duration by now. During the exhibition in Taipei, a Taiwanese politician said: "A young overseas Chinese did what we were unable to do, and it was quite a success. That's awesome".

There is another event also marked extraordinary scale and effect. The Hakka (a minority in China) people around the world came back to China to seek their roots and worship their ancestors thanks to the efforts of YEW Mui-Leong, JP. After years of endeavor, the Hakka people have entered the world stage and the great achievements of YEW Mui-Leong, JP have been deeply embedded in the heart of Hakkas, which would last forever.

In addition to his successful career, YEW Mui-Leong, JP did not forget to give back to society. His contributions to school establishment, Hakka culture promotion, and large art exhibitions named after Sun Yat-sen and Huang Zunxian evoked strong repercussions both at home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, YEW Mui-Leong, JP donated more than 140 welfare undertakings in culture and education throughout China, with the amount totaled over 100 million yuan.

Ten Cultural Projects by EVERFLORE

I. Held a large-scale event to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of modern Chinese history in Beijing, which was also launched in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Wuhan.

II. Established the Lin Zexu Foundation and held an exhibition of the historic Opium Wars.

III. Had been organizing cross-strait, Sino-Malaysia, Sino-Singapore, and Sino-Thailand cultural exchanges for ten years.

IV. Hosted the “International Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Sun Yat-Sen and Overseas Chinese”, which covered 34 cities at home and abroad in 4 years to promote patriotism.

V. Held the "International Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Huang Zunxian" at home and abroad to carry forward the patriotic spirit of the sages.

VI. Organized the overseas essay contest of Love for China and published an anthology.

VII. Donated to build Yongfang Hall at Sun Yat-sen University, started up the Sun Yat-Sen Research Center, and established the Bronze Statue Square of the eighteen sages.

VIII. Organized the International Academic Conference on Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Legacy and Inspirations and published an anthology.

IX. Established social charity foundations in science and technology, culture, art, education, disabled, and charity throughout the country, all in the name of EVERFLORE.

X. Funded and organized the Hakkas to seek roots and worship ancestors back in China, promoted the Hakkas to the world stage, and inspired them to contribute to the hometown and the unification of the country.

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