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Beauty School | The Correct Way To Wash Face



No matter what you do, you should take a serious and responsible attitude, including the matter of becoming beauty. From this week, our beauty school has begun again! If you make up your mind to be a beautiful girl, you’d better to follow up EVERFLORE to learn some scientific and professional knowledge of skincare, then you would look more and more beautiful.  



The First Lesson of the Beauty School 

Cleansing your face thoroughly is a key to open the door of skin care. But do you think you know how to wash face in a correct way?

Some people think that a thorough cleansing means a sense of tightness you feel on the face after drying, while others think that the removal of blackheads and acne is a good face-washing routine. In fact, it is quite the opposite! They are the common face-washing mistakes that may cause annoying skin problems. It would be a terrible thing if you lack common sense. Now, let's share how to wash face with the right technique. 


Do you know what do we wash off when we wash faces? 

Many people must be curious that why we don't need to take a bath every day, but wash the face? Why there seems to be more dirt on the back than other parts of the body?

It is closely related to the distribution of our sebaceous glands. Most of the sebaceous glands are seen in the scalp, back and face (especially the T-zone) than other parts of the body, so these areas tend to be "oilier" than other parts. The purpose of washing and bathing is to wash away sweat, slough off dead skin cells and grime.   


Washing face cannot remove blackheads, but prevent the growth of blackheads 

Many people take it for granted that oil-secreting sebaceous glands is a kind of scourge. But in fact, the normally secreted sebum is thought to play a role in keeping your skin soft and moist. In other words, sebum is the best moisturizing cream for your skin. 

The real problem is that when produced in excess, sebum accumulates in the pores to form a semi-solid substance, clumping with dead skin cells in the air, which eventually leads to the formation of blackheads. If these hair follicles get plugged, it creates an area where bacteria can thrive and reproduce, triggering the acne breakouts.

When people see the blackheads on their noses, they attempt to use facial cleanser again and again in order to remove the blackheads. However, blackheads are the hardened sebum rather than dirt left on the surface layer of the skin. So, it can't be erased simply by washing the face. Please don't overuse the facial cleanser, otherwise, it may possibly damage your horny layer.  

But, washing face can help prevent blackheads from forming. Remember to take precautions as the main priority. Every time when you wash the face, special attention should be paid to cleanse the T-zone on the tip of the nose, but not scrubbing too hard.   


Avoid washing face too often or scrubbing it too hard. And do not use facial cleanser with strong cleansing effect.  

Some people are neat freaks. In their opinions, it is "worry-free" until the face is washed for a clean, smooth and oil-free skin just like a plate. The major clinical responses are defined in the following two aspects: First, washing too often and scrubbing for too long; second, get accustomed to using alkaline facial cleansers with soap formulation and strong cleansing effect.  


But they hardly realize that it is a disease and needs to be treated. As mentioned above, sebum and horny layer are the important barriers to protect our skin. Generally, if you feel a dry face after washing it, perhaps you have removed excess sebum. No matter you have oily or dry skin, removal of excess sebum is the behavior that damages the skin. Therefore, avoid washing your face too often and scrubbing it too hard; stick to the twice-a-day routine (once in the morning and once at night) .


In addition, it is the key to choose a gentle facial cleanser with a safe and reliable guarantee (e.g. our 75-year-old brand EVERFLORE). Hey, please note that the facial cleanser with great cleansing capability is usually undergone saponification process. And the main problems of soap formulation are the following three points:

Irritation: A great cleansing effect means the intense irritation, especially when containing soap salt ingredient. It could destroy the horny layer that contributes to the loss of natural moisturizing factor.

Alkalinity: The skin is in a slightly acidic condition, as the natural pH of sweat and grease are slightly acidic. The weak acid is an important factor for the inhibition of growth of certain microorganisms and also plays a major role in self-purification to remove impurities, bacteria and pollutants. However, destroying pH balance in the skin will support the intrusion of microorganism and even cause the breakouts of dermatitis and acne.

Soap scum: Soap scum composed of soap, calcium or magnesium ions (which are found in hard water), is a circle of slimy and squeaky things left on the edges of basin when we wash our clothes, which is very difficult to erase. Soap scum buildup will easily clog the pores, so it could cause a whole list of skin woes.  

Therefore, it's better not to use alkaline facial cleanser that contains soap formulation and delivers strong cleansing ability. Do not ruin your skin for the obsession with refresh feeling on the face. "Skin-touch" does not mean an enhanced efficacy.   


Tips for Cleansing Face

1. Avoid using too much amount of facial cleanser; peanut-sized amount would be appropriate.

2. Create rich lather before applying the facial cleanser to face, so as to avoid exposure to high concentration on the face.

3. It only needs 10-20s when cleansing the face at the same part. For the areas that you feel dry and tight (such as cheeks), 10 seconds would be enough.

4. Wash face with lukewarm water – It is recommended using the water that you won’t feel hot or cold.

5. If you have neutral or oily skin, it is good to wash face with a soft towel and wipe gently. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is better to use hands to wash face to minimize the friction and irritation produced on the horny layer. (With regard to the problem that towels may promote the growth of bacteria, please disinfect the towels regularly with laundry disinfectant and replace a new towel every month.) 


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